Gerald McBride
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The Man with the Golden Voice

Celebrating 25 years in radio this year, Gerald McBride, CEO of Voice Over Productions, is known across the US as the voice that urban listeners love to hear according to a recent article in the Atlanta Christian Times. He is a master of combining the right music in a spot. McBride says “the right music can make or break the mood of a spot. To sell a product or service, your audio has to be bold, creative and of the highest quality or your message will be lost.”

As a youth growing up in Detroit, McBride knew his passion for radio early-on. Inspired and mentored by then WJLB radio personality, Donnie Simpson, he was encouraged to get into the business by becoming a teen reporter at his high school. In 1977, McBride enrolled in the Specs Howard School of Broadcasting where he graduated and officially began his career in AM radio. His broadcasting career has taken him to many stations,typical in radio, but in 1992, he settled in at WMXD 92.3 FM in Detroit where he currently hosts Saturday Night Live.

As a voice talent who truly loves commercial production, McBride found his niche. "Most DJs dislike producing spots. I enjoy writing scripts, adding sound effects, picking music and seeing the client get results, " McBride says. "When I kept getting requests to do commercial spots, I began to think of this as a full-time business."

After his last job transition, he decided to go forward with the commercial production business. With his trust in God, faith in the strength of his reputation and a $1,500 loan from his brother-in-law, McBride bought equipment and launched Voice Over Productions from the attic of his home. "Former clients that I produced spots for in the past, helped to spread the word and my business grew from there," says McBride.

His loyal customer base has allowed him to expand nationally from a regional business. Today, Voice Over Productions boasts many clients including: the Kings of Comedy Tour, TD Jakes Ministries, Essence Music Festival, Mr. Alan's, Prince Tour (1999-2004) and Winan's Family Reunion Tour to name a few.

McBride is called and committed to his vision-- to provide quality broadcast promotions that impact listeners across the country. According to television producer Nancy Dabney-- "McBride is the best of voiceover talents I've ever worked with. It's not just about his voice; it's about his heart motive. He loves the business and it shows. Because of his humility and willingness to work side-by-side with his clients, he gives you exactly what you want. That's what makes him one of the best in the country at what he does."






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Voice Over Productions is an award-winning, full service production and post production studio offering voiceovers for TV and radio commercials, concert tours, political campaigns, album spots and sales presentations all via ISDN, mp3 and CD.

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